The TBC Box 2.0 by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig & Alan Wong.

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After two years of development Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong are proud to introduce a new advanced version of our Mentalist tool which has been an underground secret weapon of professional Mentalists for more than 10 years now: THE TBC BOX 2.0

Over the past decade many of the world’s’ top performers have been using the original version of the TBC Box in their live and televised shows and now it is your turn to finally get your hands on this new and improved version which you will treasure and use for the rest of your life!

The TBC Box 2.0 has many features that no other switch box has:

1. Looks like an innocent ‘Ikea’ style box, something that most people are already familiar with.

2. It is the first switch box that you can assemble right in front of the audience, fully loaded and instantly reset. (It can even hold a full deck of playing cards!)

3. The first switch box on the market that can switch back to the original billets (normally with the classic boxes once the billets are switched you can’t switch back)

4. The box is made from high quality materials and is virtually indestructible under repeated normal use.

5. Has a magnetic flap with an identical zipper, so when in the down position it looks like nothing has taken place…the perfect illusion!

6. Extremely lightweight, portable and practical, at only 110 grams it packs super flat and plays huge in any performing situation (parlor, close up and stage and even online!)

Other info:

Measures 14cm x 14cm x 14cm when assembled

Folds down flat to just 14.5cm x 26.5cm x 1.5cm

Chrome plated metal zippers

Material: Nylon taffeta. The same tough synthetic fabric used in making umbrellas

TBC Box 2.0 includes:

1. A top quality, hand-made TBC Box

2. Printed booklet with 12 routines, 3 of which are Luca Volpe’s professional Q&A Act routines, that are super simple to do and require no pre-show work. Plus other routines for Magicians and Mentalists like. We also share routines on how to use this versatile prop for online shows!

3. Video download with explanations, ideas and handling tips

4. Files to download for the Q&A Act

5. A block supply of blank billets and a Sharpie marker

All stored for transportation in a professional luxury black travel zipper case

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this fantastic mentalism tool!

1 review for The TBC Box 2.0 by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig & Alan Wong.

  1. davidthiel

    I love billet boxes. Up until a couple of years ago, it just wasn’t practical for me to design routines that use them because I spend so much time on the road that it’s just not reasonable for me to lug one of those clunky things around — even though they enable me to perform the most remarkable routines.

    A while back Luca and Paul released the first incarnation of the TBC. It’s a billet box built to look like one of those fabric IKEA boxes with the you-know-what hidden on the side or the bottom of the box. I really liked it, but there were a few minor issues. One has to do with hand placement and the requirement to hold it just right. I never had a problem with this…but I did wish for something just a little bigger…and maybe — just MAYBE — a little more magnetized so the gimmick would stay hidden whether I was holding it or not.

    When I saw that Luca and company had released a second version of this box, I fought back the part of me that said OH YEAH!!! I reminded myself that I’m a grown up now and I have been busy selling off props — not buying them. AND I had been true to my self promise: I had not bought a new prop in well over a year. But I was curious about this new offering…curious enough to peek in on a special event where all three designers did a live unveiling of this new TBC box. “I’ll just take a look,” I told me. “What harm could it do to LOOK?”

    I watched as this box was unveiled…and was able to restrain myself from pounding the PayPal button only by force of sheer will. But this prop kept coming to mind over and over again. Beautifully hand made. Each panel…umbrella fabric…incredible attention to detail and a very significant loa* chamber. I started to feel like someone at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting eyeing the last Dorito.

    Of course, eventually I bought one. ($150 including shipping.) When it arrived I REALLY examined it. Beautiful packaging. A Sharpie and some billets…as well as a book and an internet link for more information and a great discussion of how this prop was designed and how it might be used.

    This device is everything I’d hoped it would be and much more. I wish I could explain about the attention to detail without giving away the operating of this prop. Suffice it to say that I can load a PILE of billets into this box (as in the f*rce billets are ALREADY loaded)…ASSEMBLE it right in front of my audience…perform the swit*h right in front of them and THEN PUT THE ORIGINAL BILLETS BACK and hide away my f*rce ones. Seriously! I can toss THEIR billets out onto the table for their examination after the show and finish clean.

    The craftsmanship is everything you’d expect from Alan Wong…meaning it’s built for tough professional use and it is PERFECT in it’s design. All three of these guys spent 2+ years working out the bugs and they paid careful attention to every nuance…every detail. It shows.

    I could say that this is the best prop I’ve purchased all year. But it’s also the ONLY prop I’ve purchased this year. So let me say instead: it’s one of the top props I’ve purchased this DECADE.

    Best of all — for my fellow road warriors — it folds down flat, packs flat and plays HUGE. (These are three of my favourite things.) Add in rugged design, utterly innocent look and flawless low-tech-very-clever mechanism and you have an outstanding product with so many possible uses that the mind happily boggles.

    I write very few reviews these days. Set aside that I haven’t been buying much. A positive review is about the writer vouching for the quality of the purchase. I write reviews because when something sensational comes around, it’s right to tell other performers about it. The TBC2 IS sensational and if you are in the market for a billet box…this is the one.

    Even if you have the previous incarnation of this device, I’d suggest you take a hard look at the TBC2. It’s an instant classic. A winner.

    David Thiel. The Magiccafe 2021

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