The Mind’s Eye Box v3 (Lucifer’s Device) By Paul McCaig. COMING SOON!


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Version 3 of Paul McCaig’s original Mind’s Eye Box available soon on a made to order basis and also as a 2021 limited edition release from Magic Wagon…Another original,hands-off billet delivery tool, which is a cross between Annemann’s ‘Devil’s Device’ and Paul McCaig’s ‘ Mind’s Eye Box’ series but which can be shown as completely empty prior to use….Watch this space!!


*Please note that as of September 2019 the Mind’s Eye Box v3 and Lucifer’s Device are the only versions or variations of the Mind’s Eye Box and the concept/principles/method behind it that are officially authorised by the creator Paul McCaig to be produced, marketed and sold anywhere. These are only available directly from Psychic Mentality and as with all of our original products and written material, are protected under copyright law.


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7 reviews for The Mind’s Eye Box v3 (Lucifer’s Device) By Paul McCaig. COMING SOON!

  1. paulmc

    The Magic Café. April 21st 2013.

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of using a new box at the Tabula Mentis meeting in Hitchin. Hertfordshire.

    I ordered Paul McCaig’s new Mind’s Eye Box and had it customised to my own requirements. The box holds my ink blot cards, a set of psycards and the pack of photo psyche cards from Stephen Young. My performance involved a discussion of Jung’s Pirmer Novus and our understanding of the collective unconscious in a modern context.

    I asked a participant to write a concern on a piece of card and drop it into the box, after which he selected a photo card and we discussed what he saw in the image and whether it connected to the concern he had in his mind. Without ever going back into the box or even near it, I was able to connect his image directly to his concern, which in this case was future happiness (he had selected a picture of a pathway marked out on a beach).

    The box is exquisitely made in wood, varnished to a fine finish, and has a green baize bottom. There is a slot in the top to receive the card and allows the participant to drop the card in freely. The design is exceedingly clever and practical for a wide rage of performance settings. Paul’s customer service is up with there with Dan Baines and JC Mooreni. He responded to my requests and made the box to my specications. It comes with a great drawstring bag and easy to follow instructions.

    This product is solid state and you will have a wide grin on your face when you learn its secret.

    Best wishes

    Dr Todd Landman

  2. paulmc

    The Magic Café. April 21st 2013.

    Had the pleasure of Paul showing me the workings of the Mind’s Eye Box, late last week.
    First off, Paul is a real gentleman and took the time to show me the box in great detail. We then discussed the specifics of the box he is completing for me, as I wanted something less ornate, without any markings, etc.

    I was looking for something with a simple and yet completely reliable method, for a specific routine that I have been developing.
    This box is exactly what I need.

    Now, I will say this – perhaps at the risk of shocking a few people; this does not incorporate ‘real magic,’ (which is good, because I find that the fluctuating cost of Pixie Dust refills is insanely volatile given the commodities market), so there is a very simple principle at play. Simple, yet clever and most importantly – effective.

    Eric Samuels.

  3. paulmc

    Magic Café May 11th 2013.

    Jamie D wrote:

    I was very fortunate to receive this wonderful device a short while ago. Let me say, that this box is of top craftsmanship not to mention the handling is dead simple. When I first received the box, I had a little bit of a laugh as far as the method goes, it’s just that simple but that’s what makes it so devious. In the box I carry an old pendulum, a deck of cards, an old pack of tarot cards and a picture of my late grandfather from WWII. The box is part of my presentation that my grandfather left to me with some contents inside, this is what really allows me to create an emotional experience and connection with the spectators.

    As far as construction of the box itself, as I said, it’s fantastic! Inside mine, is the newspaper print which helps sell my presentation of the box. The finish is smooth and the operation that makes all the magic happen is flawless. I must also comment on customer service. I asked Paul if it was possible to have by a certain date and he delivered without question. Paul and I sent many messages back and forth and I must admit he is one of the kindest guys I have ever talked to. There are a few people in the business that build custom props for us that are just a joy to work with and without a doubt, Paul is one of them.

    If you’re sitting on the fence about this one, do yourself a favour and pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.


  4. paulmc

    The Magic Café. June 10 2013.

    Perry Carp wrote:

    Received mine last week. As others have said, the workmanship is top-notch. Paul is a pleasure to work with.

    The box itself does exactly what you need it to. And the secret may take you by surprise. Upon seeing the workings, I was a both amused and taken aback by the simplicity. This is something that I’m glad to add to my arsenal… and will be making a special place for it in my performances. I ordered mine without the “Eye or Horus” design, but I did opt for the newspaper lining. For my purposes, I didn’t immediately want any kind of metaphysical connection. For me, if anyone asks about the box itself, then I plan to say that it is an old ‘comments’ box from a hotel.

    One word to those thinking of purchasing. Paul provides you with a nice amount of blank cards (normal double blank playing cards) to get you started. It will also take standard size business cards… but using business cards can sometimes (in my practice sessions) produce inconsistent results due to their tendency to bend/warp. If you are dead set on using business cards for your routine, then make sure that you are using a quality stock and that you are storing the cards so that they don’t go out of shape.

    I would certainly recommend Paul’s “Mind’s Eye Box” those interested in this type of device.

  5. paulmc

    The Magic Café September 21st 2013.

    Aligator wrote:

    Used this last night….worked like a charm…..easily the best purchase of 2013 !

  6. paulmc

    The Magic Café February 3rd 2014.

    Iain wrote:

    Love mine, still filling it up slowly with memories…

  7. paulmc

    Martin’s Magic Collection.
    Rated 5 out of 5.

    Andy Martin – March 2, 2019.

    What impresses me about this box is that there are no moving parts, no electronics, no magnets, nothing to add to take away, no reset, and yet you are ready to go right away – arrive at the event, pull out your box, take our your tarot cards and other things you store in the box and straight away you can start to read their minds. What a lovely idea, and will last a lifetime – even if you leave it on your shelf for years before using it!
    This is a vintage-looking box in which the mentalist carries the tools of his trade: playing cards, tarot cards, etc. A participant writes something down on a blank card and inserts it face down into the slot of the closed box. The mentalist then accesses the spectators thoughts without touching the box! An ingenious, hand-crafted wooden box about 18 x 14 x 10 cm. Comes with a velour bag which may or may not be used during the performance. This is the original Mind’s Eye Box which has been discontinued and not the later more decorative versions. Ideal for close-up but could be used for parlor or stage.
    Inspired by Magnuson’s Devil Device box, as featured in Theodore Annemann’s book Practical Mental Magic (Effects) and also described in The Jinx #89 But unlike the Devil Device there are no moving parts, or the need to touch the box after the spectator had placed their written details inside. It also doesn’t have some of the angle issues that the original Devil Device had.

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